Teaching Leaders the Basics of EHS Regulations.

Develop the Understanding

You Need to Effectively Lead Your Department.

Full-Course Curriculum

A Full Year of Weekly Webinars, Covering Many Aspects of EPA, DOT and OSHA Rules.

Crash Course Regulatory Workshop

Three 8-hour sessions. EPA Day - Essentials of hazardous waste management. OSHA Day - General Industry rules for workplace Safety. DOT Day - Shipping of hazardous materials.

Self-Selected Course Menu

Pick and choose the classes you can use.

Johns Story…

Last month the company received a visit from the state environment department. The result of the inspection was not good. The president decided that someone had to be given full responsibility for compliance in the Waste Department. John’s office just happened to be around the corner from the waste area. A few days later, John was informed that he had been appointed as the new waste manager. On top of that, he was put in charge of keeping the waste crew safe and making sure the company’s hazardous material shipments were in order.  His job was shipping & receiving and he knew nothing about EPA, DOT and OSHA requirements.

Even though he was aware of the steep learning curve ahead, John was glad to be chosen for the position.  Now he could show his boss that he could handle more responsibility.  The question was how to learn all the regulations?  Since John was thrown into the middle of the problem, he knew he had to find a way to get familiar with the rules quickly.  He looked on line and found lots of “Training”, but nothing that would provide the level of detail he needed as well as the coverage of the topics he would be responsible for. Then he discovered Echelon Environmental…


This course will be a complete overview of how the regulations impact your business operations and how business owners and managers should respond to the regulatory obligations.

A comprehensive study program designed to provide a broad coverage of all the requirements for:

  • EPA regulations for management and disposal of hazardous wastes, wastewater and air emissions
  • DOT regulations for shipments of hazardous materials by air, sea and land
  • OSHA regulations for worker protection and common equipment use

Week by week you will increase in understanding and grow in confidence. We will help you connect the dots so that you can see the whole picture clearly. Ultimately, you will be able to manage a comprehensive EHS system for your company.


Intensive study program that will immerse you into the EPA, DOT and OSHA regulations. Three sessions for eight hours on each set of regulations will expose you to the entire spectrum of rules and requirements your facility can be subject to.

Each day the course will cover:

  • EPA – Deep dive into hazardous waste regulations and EPCRA, CWA and CAA.
  • DOT – Down the long road of rules for hazardous material transportation by highway, sea and air.
  • OSHA regulations for worker protection and common equipment use

If you are in over your head, we can throw you a life preserver. If you’re lost in the regulatory wilderness, we will give you a compass. There is no reason to take one more step without someone who can quickly show you the way.



When your time or responsibilities are limited, you may not need to attend dozens of classes.  We have arranged it for you to select only the course material relevant to your position.

Choose from the following:

  • Compliance Mindset – 1 Hour
  • EPA Intensive – 8 hours
  • DOT Intensive – 8 hours
  • OSHA Intensive – 8 hours
  • The Basics of Safety – 2 hours
  • The Basics of Waste Management – 2 hours
  • The Basics of HazMat Transportation – 2 hours
  • HAZWOPER Requirements – 2 hours

Each of these classes will provide you with a foundational understanding that you can put into practice and then build upon.