A New Approach to Compliance

Leaking Drums

The world of regulatory compliance needs some adjustment.  We have taken it as far as it can go.  If a new attitude towards regulatory compliance is not developed, our safety programs will languish and our environmental protection plans will not progress.

I plan to be part of that change.

Shown below, I outline a new approach.  it is based on the understanding that the regulatory requirements we grapple with every day are the MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE LEVELS of PERFORMANCE.  Is the lowest common denominator where you want to operate?  I know that is not where I want to be.

Ladies and Gentlemen:  The Echelon Approach.

FOUNDATIONS:  Laying a base to build upon.

Mindset – A shift of attitudes away from the despite and resentment towards one of acceptance and inclusion. The program is the result of the way you think about it.

Agreement – A declaration of intent for the company to act responsibly towards employees, the public and the environment.

PREPARATION:  Charting a new course

Establishment – Setting up a Compliance Committee Application – Deciding which regulations apply to each operation based on the hazards and regulatory requirements

Acquisition – Procurement of the tools and equipment needed for employee safety and other requirements.

ACTION:  Putting the Plans into motion

Risk-Ranking – Determine which training programs to start with based on the relative risks posed to the employees of the facility. Communication – Inform all employees of the new initiative and their involvement in it and the importance of it. Feedback – Get feedback at several points from the workplace as to the improvements in safety and corporate compliance.

MAINTENANCE:  Maintaining the momentum

Surveys – Take regular surveys to monitor the program. Suggestions – Make a way for submission of anonymous suggestions. Regular Input – Flash in the pan training is inadequate.  Little reminders must be communicated every few days.



Echelon Environmental provides regulatory consulting and employee training for businesses subject to EPA, DOT and OSHA mandates.

Waste disposal services and on-site compliance assistance are also available.

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