The Compliance Revolution Has Begun

Walterboro, South Carolina – July 4, 2016

240 years ago today, the people of America declared their independence from Britain.  One of the main points of contention stated in their writings was “Taxation without Representation”. 

Today we have a very similar situation: “Regulation without Representation”, and Echelon Environmental’s response is to declare the beginning of a Compliance Revolution. 

Every year, more and more regulations are issued by the EPA, DOT and OSHA bureaucrats from the comfort of their concrete and marble towers.  They feel it is their duty to continually issue obscure edicts dealing with every single aspect of a business’ operations, regardless of how these mandates affect the ability of the businesspeople to maintain profitable ventures.   

a picture of bureaucracy
The EPA, DOT and OSHA masters have spoken

This ever-increasing sea of federal and state rules have passed the bounds of reason, causing injury to personal business gain and impeding the economic growth of the nation as a whole.

Therefore, commencing today, Echelon Environmental embarks on an endeavor which will render much needed help to the business owners and managers of America.  This program will be a means for businesspeople to refocus their time, strength, brilliance and effort to doing what they do best; creating the economic impetus which continues to drive the American free-market system. 

This new and innovative process will free our businesspeople from the daily strain of regulatory compliance by shifting the burden from them and onto a staff of experts who will make the utmost commitment to ensure that all regulatory obligations are met. 

Two important outcomes will be realized upon implementation of this process:

First, there will be no more fear of fines or failure in regards to the company’s compliance with the multitude of environmental protection, worker safety, and transportation rules – They will all be covered.

Second, the personnel who are currently tasked with managing your compliance portfolio will be able to turn their attention to more immediate and pressing issues – Like keeping the business profitable. 

Echelon Environmental was started by Ron Harvey to help business owners and managers deal with the burdens of the EPA, DOT and OSHA regulations.


Ron Harvey